There are times when one needs to look at ways to acquire windows hosting. This option has several benefits. It is these which make it an important tool for those interested in making use of technologies and other features, which are only supported through the Windows operating system. This will give you the ability to come up with applications for the web, which are both powerful and more functional. When this happens, the software resources will be used more efficiently. Some of its most renowned features include the script framework.

It has been pointed out that anyone looking into ways through which to come up with some of the finest web applications, meeting the latest standards, is possible through windows hosting. Any person developing web applications for the very first time will find this hosting platform quite effective. It not only allows you to develop but to test your application as well within the right environment. The hosting experience comes equipped with rich features at fairly low costs.

The AJAX framework is another feature found within window based hosting with which makes it quite important. This hosting plan provides an environment in which seamless integration can be carried out with Microsoft SQL. The server databases give you the greatest opportunity for the creation of some of the most dynamic websites. Even where a particular web application was developed using some archaic technology, it can be supported in Windows using this hosting plan; that is, the solution. It is found in the current and modern version 4.0.

The windows based hosting with a plan makes it easier to upgrade from 2003 to 2008, or even the latest operating systems or versions. It is a process that makes it simpler for certified professionals to monitor the release of service packs as well as any security updates available at any given moment. It is a simple process through which any device, which is useful in this type of web hosting plan, can be properly and effectively maintained. Servers that come installed with RAID cards enable the faster set-up of backup hard disk in cases where the original one crashes or fails.

There are a number of companies, which provide both shared windows and dedicated or reseller hosting plans for those in need. These plans are offered at competitive rates and prices so that as many people as possible will find them to be affordable and within easy reach. Shared hosting can be found in 4GB, 8GB, or even 16GB hard disk space or even lesser 1GB, 2GB, etc. Reseller hosting is availed in a way, which gives one the ability to choose between a plan that can support 10, 20, or up to 30 different websites.

The moment you subscribe to the windows based hosting with a plan, you will find that you are given anything up to 2GB of email storage capacity per domain. However, a number of hosting companies and plans allow you to upgrade up to 5GB of mail storage. This is possible when you pay some extra fees. Other services you will receive here include secure FTPS, in addition to shared SSL, either for free or at a fee. It may allow for unlimited FTP uses, though this feature depends on the hosting company from whom you are acquiring these services.

Ease of Use

Irrespective of the windows hosting with the plan one opts for, one aspect you will be assured of is the ease of use. Furthermore, these come with an abundance of disk space in addition to the provision of a setup process that can support hundreds of email accounts. Moreover, what makes this hosting plan slightly easier to use, is the fact that it allows for monthly transfers which range from 240GB to unlimited.


There is no question that all the features stated above, enable Windows hosting to offer a higher level of reliability to the site, client, and users of the website.